3 Must-Haves for your Thanksgiving with Babies - Diaper Dust

3 Must-Haves for your Thanksgiving with Babies


Whether it’s your turn to host 20 people or you’re just bringing a dish -- if you have a little one, here are my 3 must-have products to ease your day so you can enjoy more of your Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving is the most nostalgic holiday.  The dishes don’t change, and neither do the stories told around the table.  Everyone naps wherever they can find a spot on the couch and no one bats an eye.  We get to hold our nieces and nephews (and give them back too!) as we spend the day around family.

There’s nothing better than holding the babies but as cute as they are, when your family starts to smell that diaper, its back to you they go for a good ol diaper change!  But where do you change them?  Your parents don’t still have that nursery upstairs and you definitely don’t want to ruin the smell of savory turkey and sweet aroma of pumpkin pie!  So as your forced to change the baby in a spare room, you’re also faced with there to discard the poop bomb. Which leads me to – you guessed – Diaper Dust.

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Diaper Dust


After sprinkling it into the diaper, you simply do not have to worry about where you discard that diaper because the smell will be taken care of.  No appetites ruined, and no one yelling at your for throwing the diaper away in the kitchen trash! The activated charcoal works in direct contact with the odor to eliminate it before it even reaches the outside of the diaper. Genius right? 

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“This is truly the best product I've purchased for my now 1 year old. And you mamas know once your kid starts on solids their diaper smells hit different! You have to generously cover everything in the diaper.  I'm so happy my diaper pail doesn't smell anymore!! I used to spray the diaper with febreeze then put it in the pail and then spray with more febreeze and it still smelled so bad. But those days are gone!”

Writes Jenna. M on Amazon





Diaper Dust even works to deodorize the regular trash to eliminate the smell of leftovers, and raw food trimmings! (if you know, you know!)  I take a bottle with me to every family get together because I know there will be at least one baby in diapers and a lot of people that just don’t care to smell the stink!


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The next product was a game changer during mealtime and I wish I knew about it when I was setting up my registry!

Silicone Bib

This bib makes me wonder why it took so long for someone to invent!  It’s trough-like design saves the clothes, highchair, and floor from even the messiest of eaters.  It could not be easier to clean.  Just a quick rinse and wipe in the sink will do the trick.  You won’t need to stock up on 10 different bibs as you wait for them to cycle through the laundry.  Just 1 or 2 of these bad-boys and you’re set!  *Bonus, the food it catches can be saved for later- Ha*

“The bib is thin but strong - can be rolled up and stowed in a diaper bag without ripping. It's soft and flexible enough to be comfortable for my baby, but still feels sturdy. I 100 percent recommend these. Wish we had them for my older kids.”

Writes AB on Amazon.

 Silicone Bib, Amazon

Photo Cred: Amazon, Moonkie

The neck is adjustable to accommodate all size babies and thus increasing the longevity of the product altogether.  All-in-all, this product is a 10/10 must-have for any meal but if you’re planning for Thanksgiving ADD TO CART now and save your in-law’s carpet, a headache, and a wardrobe change!


Finally, after the meals and dishes are done, and the “itis” is setting in, you’re going to be looking for a place to lay that baby down.   


Portable Bassinet


With all the extra stimulation, your baby is going to be zonked and you’re going to need a place to lay them down.  Don’t bother bringing that pack and play, your little one isn’t going to want to be in there long enough for you to even turn around.  Instead of bringing a bulky, heavy play pen, look into the fold-up portable sleeper. This fold-up sleeper is convenient, light weight, and oh-so-portable.  It can also double as a changing spot!

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This sleeper is a little different than the one we had but I it has features that I would have liked in ours.  The sides on this bassinet are a bit taller and is slightly wider. 

“We purchased the portable baby bassinet mainly for baby to use at the sitters as a safe, portable place to sleep. We love that it folds easily and slides right into a carry case. The case itself is only a couple inches thick, so can easily slide anywhere to store when not in use. It would be super easy and simple to take to and from the sitters each day if we did not plan to just leave it there. This would be perfect to co sleep in bed if that’s something you are interested in. Very sturdy. Will be taking this with us when we travel vs a pack and play. Overall, very impressed with the sturdiness, the portability, the lightweight, and the quality!”

Writes an Amazon Reviewer


It also has a “mosquito” net that goes overtop to form a dome of protections from well, more than just mosquitos, like the family cat, or the toddlers that “just want to help.”  You will love this product for Thanksgiving and beyond.  

You can find a link to get yours here.


Thanksgiving should be a time spent getting the most out of your time with family.  With these three products you can spend less time taking out the diapers, cleaning up the floors, and setting up a play pen so that you can be present with the ones you love. 



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