How to Get Rid of the Stinky Diaper Smell for Good - Diaper Dust

Diaper Pail Starting to Smell? How to Get Rid of the Stinky Diaper Smell for Good


It’s just plain gross and no matter how many filters or scents you plant around the room, you still cannot get rid of the lingering odor.  Diaper pails often come with instruction to wash and disinfect regularly.  I don’t know about you, but I just do not have time to do that. 

When we purchased a diaper pail, we barely got through 6 months before we just decided to toss it.  We replaced it with just a regular stainless-steel trashcan that didn’t require special bags and didn’t come with the hassle of taking out a large dirty diaper sausage link chain.  Unfortunately, it too just released the concentrated odor into the nursery every time we needed to open the lid.

We were at a loss before we discovered that the solution to conquering diaper odor for good, was to do it at the source.  That’s where Diaper Dust comes in.

Diaper Dust is different - it uses the most direct odor elimination method to neutralize odors without just containing it into a plastic bag or covering it up with a fragrance.   It is sprinkled inside the dirty diaper before you throw it away.

Diaper Dust maximizes the odor eliminated ability of activated charcoal and baking soda to capture the odor before it leaves the rolled-up diaper.  No matter what kind of receptacle the diaper is placed in, it will control the odor from within the diaper and not seep out into the bag or into the plastic.



If you’ve already invested in a diaper pail, you can still use Diaper Dust to neutralize the leaking odors.   If you forget to use Diaper Dust inside the soiled diaper before throwing it away, simply sprinkle the powder directly into the pail (make sure there is a bag inside the pail!**) Some customers have even stated that when they place Diaper Dust directly into the pail, the odors that seemed to stick in the plastic started to get neutralized as well.

If you were searching for a solution to your stinky diaper pail- Diaper Dust is it.  Learn more about us on our Meet the Founder page.