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Diaper Pails - Do you need one?


The invention of the diaper pail was a game-changer.  It appeared to be the answer to controlling the most horrific smells that would come from your sweet, little baby.  But does it really hold up to the hype?

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If you’re a new parent you will be bombarded with registry “must haves” and on the top of that list, might be the diaper pail. But there are a few nuances that the diaper pail brings to parenting that not many people realize when making that purchase.


First, let’s dissect how the diaper pail actually works.  One of the ways a diaper pail controls the smell is that it creates a dual-barrier with the step lid, and the trap-door that also closes once the stinky diaper is tossed inside.  Next is the carbon filter.  The carbon filter is inserted into the slot on the inside part of the lid.  The instructions suggest replacing monthly.  Then you have the bags.  The idea of needing a secondary product to solve a problem has always been a pet peeve of mine.  I don’t want to buy the pail, then the bags, then the filters.  I just want ONE product. You can’t just go and use any trash bag, you are forced to spend more money of another specific tool. These specific bags can only be used for the diaper pail.  There are unscented, and scented bags that help contain or cover the smell. Finally, the manufacturer instructs its users to clean and disinfect the pail on a regular basis to also help control the stink that inevitably will be absorbed into the plastic.

In summary you have the structural components of the pail, and the added features like the bags and filters that all contribute to eliminating the odor.


So does it work?


Depends on who you ask but mostly, how long you’ve had it.  It worked for us for a few months but I started to smell the diapers even with the lid closed.  I was smelling the odor because a diaper pail does not treat the odor at the source of it, from within the diaper.  It does a great job at creating barriers that contain and fragrances that cover but after while, the lingering smell becomes concentrated and eventually seeps into the plastic container itself. Gross.

Another thing that not many people realize is that you are not just changing your baby in the nursery, you’re changing your baby in the living room, in the bedroom, in a sibling’s room, outside, in the bathroom ect.  But the diaper pail is just in the nursery.  After changing the diaper, the last thing you’re going to want to do is taking somewhere else in the house (usually upstairs) to throw it away!  You can put some diapers, wipes, and creams in a diaper caddy, but you can’t take the pail with you. And you definitely don’t want to tow it grandma and grandpa’s house!

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After all this, you can probably get the picture -- we don’t think the diaper pail is worth the hype. 

Instead, we found that having a portable option, that actually eliminated the odor from within the diaper, and could be recycled after use was the better option. 

But where could I find such a product?  Answer:  I couldn’t!


Enter, Diaper Dust.  I created it because I couldn’t find the perfect product!

Diaper Dust doesn’t just eliminate diaper odors, it eliminates general trash odor.  It eliminates the need to use other products to finally neutralize the stinky smell until trash day.  By switching to Diaper Dust, parents are able to throw the diaper away into any trash can in the house, with or without a lid.  It is a great addition to the house diaper caddy and unlike a diaper pail, Diaper Dust can be used to deodorize the kitchen trash, and garbage disposals.  Once the bottle is empty, it can be recycled and not take up bulky space in a landfill unlike- you guessed it- a diaper pail.


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If you’re finding yourself looking for the ultimate diaper odor control product, look no further.  Diaper Dust is it. 



Visit our product page to snag you a bottle today! 

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