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How to Remove Odor from Cloth Diapers


I am not a cloth diaper mom.  I will do 10 piles of dishes before I’ll do one load of laundry.  So it was no surprise that when my son was born, there was no hesitation that we would be using Pampers.

Cloth diapering was also not something I really ever considered because disposables have such a choke-hold on the market, that the information surrounding cloth diapering didn’t even reach me until my son was out of diapers.  I am ignorant in that I truly had no idea how big the cloth diapering market is until I launched Diaper Dust and started getting tons of questions surrounding it’s use in cloth diapers.


At first, I told everyone – “Absolutely not. Diaper Dust should not be used in cloth diapers.”  This was my response because I really didn’t have a clue if it would be “ok” to use.  Would it stain?  Would the powder stay inside the diaper until laundered? I had to do some research before I started just offering Diaper Dust.

I went with what I knew first, I knew that when I handled it, the powder would come out of my clothes without a problem.  I also knew, that no matter how dark the powder was, it wasn’t nearly as bad a poop stain.  So I got to work.

I found that so many cloth diaper users were burdened with not only the task of cloth diapering, but with the lingering odor in the home, as well as in the laundered diapers. “ The smell of ammonia just doesn’t come out!” says one Reddit user.

Eager to help, I reached out to my followers on social media.  I looked for cloth diaper users to trial Diaper Dust and to provide feedback.  Everyone was told that it is activated charcoal with baking soda, and is applied into the soiled diaper.  This was how it went: (Real email exchanges from testers)


Using Diaper Dust in Cloth Diapers


Tester 1: My names A**** and I have been cloth diapering for a little over a year now. I would love to sample your product to see how it functions in cloth diapers. We use a mixture of different kinds including cover, all in ones, and pocket diapers. My son is a year and most of his bowel movements are "ploppable" as they say so we plop solids into the toilet and then spray out any residual into our utility sink that is only for our diapers. We then pre-wash in a portable washer and then in our full-size washer and dry on a low setting.

If this fits your criteria please let me know more. I'm happy to help!

Thank you, A.

Diaper Dust:  Thank you so much for reaching out!  This absolutely fits what I am looking for. 

I will follow up to make you received it and then in a few weeks to get your feedback. 

My goal for this product was to eliminate all the other things parents use to neutralize odor.  I don't want it to just be one more thing we have to buy.  I feel like we do that for disposable diapers.

As a cloth user, if you are finding you're still needing a pail, a filter, fragrance ect, please let me know!

Tester 1:  I currently use a diaper pail with scent pouches in the bottom and a reusable wet bag that I wash. I can still smell odors which has been a bummer, because I have to do laundry so much more often because of it. I have been recommended your product before but unsure if it would work in the same way. After looking at ingredients, I am confident this is exactly what we need to combat the smells and I am so grateful and excited you have chosen us for this trial.

Diaper Dust: I am looking forward to your feedback!


Tester 1 Feeback:   So, to begin we LOVE diaper dust. We use it in every cloth diaper and it is amazing. We no longer have a smell inside of our diaper bin. I was nervous it would not wash out as easily which is not the case it comes out with zero effort. Thank you so much for allowing me to sample your product because it has been such a life changer for us as I don’t have to wash as regularly any longer and it is so convenient! We will be purchasing this product, after our bottle is gone (which it seems to last forever!), without a doubt.

I will continue to use diaper dust in cloth diapers.


Tester 2: I would love to be considered to participate in a Diaper Dust Cloth Diaper trial!  I had actually messaged the DD page when I first saw Diaper Dust advertised because cloth diaper pails, no matter what you use, need a little fragrance help (or fragrance removal) until wash day and I would love to have a product do just that.  The only other product that was previously on the market is no longer sold (as of 2018).

A little background: I am due with my second cloth baby in 3 days (4/10/22).  I used cloth exclusively with my first daughter from 3 months until 2 years and will do the same with this daughter from newborn through potty training. I use a variety of cloth diapering setups- all in ones, all in twos, prefolds/flats and covers, pockets with inserts, workhorses, etc. and different varieties of fibers (100% cotton, microfiber, bamboo, hemp, blends, etc) so my cloth diaper stash is well-rounded and could account for any discrepancies like if the charcoal stained bamboo but not hemp.

I would also like to suggest with cloth diapering parents trialing the product, making sure to screen water hardness and having a variety from the spectrum to see if staining affects more/less or isn’t affected by water hardness and corresponding wash routine.  

Diaper Dust:  Wonderful! Thank you for offering to help with such a wide variety of diapers! Just send me an address to send you a bottle once more are ready to ship!  If you are finding you are needing something more than Diaper Dust to eliminate the odor, please let me know! I will absolutely take into account the water, I think that is a great thing to consider.

Tester 2 Feedback:  I have enjoyed using Diaper Dust with my cloth diapers!  I have not had any issues with residue remaining on my diapers or my washing machine.  I will definitely continue to use Diaper Dust in my cloth diapers!

Diaper Dust:  Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the product.  This, along with other testimonials, gives me confidence to recommend this to future users.

After this feedback I also had to start looking at other products cloth diaper users have and find out why they aren’t working.  I ran into most of the same products like filters and scents, but I also found charcoal pad inserts.  These pad inserts were probably the closest thing to Diaper Dust but it, unfortunately, was missing that direct contact, and maximized surface area. 

If you are needing an end-all-be-all product that is going to eliminate the stale urine, ammonia, and poo smells from your home, Diaper Dust is hands-down the product you're looking for.  

So how do you use it?

All you do, is sprinkle it into the diaper before you store it to be laundered -- that's it. 

If you are trying to get the lingering smell out of clean cloth diapers, sprinkle Diaper Dust inside and let sit for 1 hour, and then launder as usual. Voila!

 You have just detoxed those stinky cloth diapers and it couldn't have been easier!