Prego Expo x Diaper Dust

Prego Expo x Diaper Dust

If you're a new mom, or you've done it a time or three, the Prego Expo is something you don't want to miss. 

As 2023 arrived, Diaper Dust was finally in a position to participate in the largest pregnancy expo in the nation.

As an attendee of the Prego Expo New York, I was blown away by the number of high-quality brands that were present.  It not only offered parents a chance to see state-of-the-art products, it also offered educational presentations and support. I decided that this was the place for Diaper Dust to make the biggest and best impression.


Diaper Dust demonstration The Prego Expo

We connected with hundreds of parents and we were able to demonstrate the power of our powder right in front of their eyes...err noses!  We chose garlic paste due to its potency, and because we didn't want to be known as the stinky booth by using the prank spray used on Shark Tank. 


Prego Expo Diaper Dust Booth Rest Your Bump

Our booth was also equipped with a place to rest.  Our Rest Your Bump section had waters, snacks, and a place to sit!  I am a mom first, and business owner second and I loved providing this space for moms to recharge.


diaper dust, shark tank alumni, prego expo booth


We certainly could not have pulled off such a successful expo without the help of a few friends.  If you are a loyal Shark Tank viewer, you might recognize Mika from season 13.  We met after our pitches and have stayed friends ever since.  Mika is the founder of Ooakshell, custom ,hand-painted headbands.  Being from Dallas, she jumped at the opportunity to help Diaper Dust in this exciting event.  We also had Mark Cuban's associate, Ansley, who was able to bring in gear and engage with parents as well!  Last but not least, my counterpart- Bobby.  He is the extra-extravert of our little crew and he was able to wow a lot of passersby with his charming personality. 

 Attendees walked away with samples, snacks, poop-emoji stressballs, and a new appreciation for activated charcoal!

If you happened to stop by and snagged a sample, or purchased a botte - we would love to hear what you think! Feel free to review on our website here or Facebook!