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What Customers are Saying about Diaper Dust

Very rarely do you find a product that can do it all.  It can have XYZ but not ABC.  I can't tell you how many times I have made a purchase only to find that it worked great but needed to be smaller, or bigger, or needed just one more feature, or to be more user friendly.  I found myself needing to buy product after product to satisfy one simple need.

I, too, am a consumer and having to spend more money on more products becomes expensive, and just plain annoying. 

It wasn't working for me. 

As the creator of this product, I can say that I absolutely love it but that's not what you came here for.  I am not the only one raving about Diaper Dust.  See our Amazon reviews below for some reasons why Diaper Dust is the answer to all your stinky diaper woes. 

10 Out of 10 Recommend                                         

Diaper dust completely deodorizes the dirty diaper. You just sprinkle it in the diaper, roll it up, and throw it away. It totally eliminates the smell! No more messing with bags or diaper pails. This stuff is amazing, and portable, so can be placed in a diaper bag for on the go! I love everything about this product. Every parent needs this!           

A MUST have for parents with babies in diapers 

Diaper Dust is an absolute game changer! It's so convenient and easy to use. The best part is that you can throw the diaper away ANYWHERE with no smell. It's also perfect for traveling. No more nasty hotel room diapers!

Finally Rid of the Dipaer Smell!!!    

This product does what it claims to do. I just sprinkled the powder onto the dirty diaper then threw it in the diaper pail. It was amazing the smell was gone. I would highly recommend this product to new moms. Please note; the powder is black so make sure you sprinkle it onto the dirty diaper and not your baby.    



No Stink             

Dramatically cuts down on stink.    

Helps with the smell   

The product helps with the smell of stinky diapers   

 Not only baby diapers but, for adults with leaky bladders!          

 100% APPROVED!!! Yal I know this is originally for diapers whether they are wet or popped. Well, as an order person some people’s bladders go to leaking. Some worse than others. Well, if that’s YOU this is GREAT for that smell also. Just sprinkle a little on the pad and throw in the trash. My niece told her Mam Maw one day the trash smelt FUNKY!!! Lol! Well. When I heard about her saying this I bought my sister some to try. Now she loves it! No more FUNKY smell in the trash!            

 Room Never Smelled Better     

My 18mo has had an upset stomach all weekend. Thankfully I had just ordered Diaper Dust and was ready to try it out. It’s the end of the weekend and there are at least 10+ stinky diapers in the pail. Normally, his room would smell horrible starting with the first dirty diaper. This time his room smelled GOOD- the only reason I changed it is because it was full. This stuff is amazing!!!!!         

Amazing! Must Buy!   

This is truly the best product I've purchased for my now 1 year old. And you mamas know once your kid starts on solids their diaper smells hit different! You have to use a lot of this product and generously cover everything in the diaper. But I'm so happy my diaper pail doesn't smell anymore!! I used to spray the diaper with febreeze then put it in the pail and then spray with more febreeze and it still smelled so bad. But those days are gone!     

Great Product!                                    

I used this on doggie training pads - works great.     


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Love it!

Love this stuff! I had been using scented bags for my babes dirty diapers. But now I just sprinkle this right inside of it and I can throw it anywhere without it smelling up the whole house. Genius idea!     

Finally something that WORKS!

Where were you when OUR children were babies??? BUT, I did try it on disposible diapers, and WOW did this work. IT WORKS!!!    

You need this stuff!

This product is amazing! If your baby’s diapers smell even when all wrapped up you need to add this to cart, and PURCHASE NOW! Don’t wait! It’s super easy to use and actually works! I love it! I recommend this product to all my mom and dad friends!      

Nanny Approved

I’m a nanny and change 1-3 poopy diapers a day! The baby is at an age where he wants to throw his own diaper away... so I’d step on the diaper genie to open it for him and OH MY GOD... the smell... even for that 15 seconds it would stink up the entire play area.... UNTIL NOW!! Are use diaper dust in every single diaper now a tiny bit in the Pee diapers, and a little more just to cover the poop in the poopy diapers, Then I just wrap it up and hand it to the little man and he loves to toss it In the regular trashcan! This stuff is an absolute miracle that combats the smell of the poopy diaper.      

For ostomy bags too!    

Like the diaper pail my garbage pail smells horribly.  When I saw the show, I ordered your product and have used it ever since.  It is truly amazing! 

Perfect for Ostomy output!      

Even old "super nose" (my wife) was not able to smell it and she tried.  This is a needed item in the marketplace.  Thank you again for this product.  I will be a lifelong customer.          

Adult Diapers 

I use this when visiting family and having to stay the night.  It completely conceals the smell of my adult diapers.  I am truly amazed.  Thank you so much for this stuff, it’s the only product I use now. No more bags or scents.        


Saw on Shark Tank. Thought, what the heck, try it. My wife has dementia and is incontinent. The smell was sickening. The diaper dust instantly made the urine smell go away. Great product. Try it


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