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Regina sits down with John LaClare at Harvest Growth to discuss how, even with limited resources and revenue, Diaper Dust was able to get a deal with the biggest Shark on Shark Tank.

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Regina Crisci. Shark Tank.  Diaper Dust Founder.

Hello! My name is Regina...

founder of A Parent Company, and Diaper Dust is the second best thing I have ever created. I am a mom to an amazing little boy and I came up with Diaper Dust to help, well, myself— initially...

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Charcoal based deodorizer.  Activated charcoal powder. Baking soda deodorizer. Unlock the power of activated charcoal powder to deodorize diapers, trash cans, ostomy bags, adult diapers, pet waste.

What makes Diaper Dust Different?

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Watch Diaper Dust pitch to the Sharks Season 13 Episode 14 HERE