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Meet the Founder

As most moms know, having a child changes your entire being. My son brings so much joy to everyone around him and I thank God every day that I am his mother.  But with all this happiness he brought, he also brought a lot of smells.
I’m not a perfect mom, with the clean house, with a picturesque nursery, but one thing I put so much energy into, was controlling the odor coming from his diaper pail. Every time I would step to open the lid to his pail, a concentrated odor was released and on top of all the other motherly duties I had, tackling the diaper pail was now on that list — AGAIN.
We tried everything from double bagging, to fragrances, to top-of-the-line diaper pails and nothing was controlling the smell. The pail would trap the odor, only to just absorb it in the plastic. When I came home to see the babysitter had put his diapers outside on the porch, I knew that I had to try something different.
I experimented for MONTHS and perfected the product that is now Diaper Dust.
Diaper Dust is applied INTO the diaper before you throw it away, no more bags, no more smell, no more walking the diaper to the pail. I could finally have peace of mind to throw that bad boy away anywhere. I then decided that other moms NEEDED this product. I reached out to friends and family to try. It worked so well, they would ask if they could use it on anything that was odorous. I then wanted to legitimize this product by founding my own company- A Parent Company, to be able to bring it to the world. We have been featured on mom-fluencer pages such as Baby Chick, and Milabu, several mom-focused groups on Facebook, and also featured on Season 13 Episode 14 of Shark Tank and sealed a deal with Mark Cuban!
As the founder of A Parent Company and a mother just like you, I am hopeful that Diaper Dust is the first of many products we create to fill the needs of parents. Whether we improve the current option or create a new solution, my goal is to help.