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Making the life of a Parent, A Lot Easier...

Are you a parent that’s tired of having to throw away diapers in a Diaper Genie or worse, all the way out to bin? If you’re a new parent or an experienced mom of four, you’ll be ecstatic to know that diaper odor is a thing of the past. Diaper Dust is an innovative deodorizing powder that allows you the convenience of disposing of diapers anywhere without a second thought.
What Is Diaper Dust?
If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably tried just about everything to put an end to diaper smells lingering around your home. Diaper Dust is an unscented diaper powder that eliminates odors. Its unique formula allows it to neutralize and control odor at the source more effectively than similar products on the market. Diaper Dust sets itself apart by attacking the odor directly at the source.
How To Use Diaper Dust
Diaper Dust couldn’t be easier to use! Follow these few steps to give your nose a break.
  1. Remove the wet or soiled diaper.

  2. Hold Diaper Dust no more than 3-4 inches above the diaper and generously sprinkle a coat of powder over the contents.

  3. Roll up the diaper and dispose into any trash can.

If any product gets on your baby, simply wipe the powder away. Do not ingest or inhale Diaper Dust. We recommend keeping this product away from children and storing the powder in a cool, dry area.
The Benefits of Diaper Dust

Other products that claim to be effective at eliminating diaper smells simply try to trap odors. Diaper Dust is a completely neutralizing product with proven results. Although, if you try it and aren’t 100% satisfied, we will guarantee your money back.  Learn more about Diaper Dust now!


More About A Parent Company

Diaper Dust is a product created by A Parent Company, which was started by a new mother desperate to put an end to diaper smells. After trying product after product, and seeing no results, we decided to create our own diaper deodorizing product. After many trials and errors with other products, we discovered that these other products try to trap the odors, but oftentimes the smells just cling to the plastic or material it’s made from. Learn more about Reggie and her background on our Meet the Founder page.