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Supporting Parents

Curated resources for parents 2023


Diaper Dust has always been a brand that supports parents.  We don't have all the answers but we want to be a resource to help you find the answers.  As a mom and a business owner, I have had to navigate quite a few new territories.  I relied heavily on resources that taught me how to support my mental health and how to establish and reach parenting goals.

It can be overwhelming to search for the tools that you may be needing and this section will highlight some of the most helpful resources I have come across as a baby product brand, and as a mother!


Community resources for parents


These community resources help parents feel supported in their parenting journey whether it be their first child, or 10th.


The Prego Expo Link 

The Prego Expo has in person and virtual events throughout the year that bring experts and families together to learn about the best of the best products and resources for parents!City Mom Collective. Parent resource

City Mom Collective provides a positive voice for motherhood by connecting moms to resources and parenting perspectives unique to their communities.  Their support platform is local/regional and easy to join!

Best Parent Products

 These brands saved our sanity! From convenience to effectiveness, these products have worked overtime to make sure our minds (and backs!) are supported!

diaper dust


Diaper Dust


I, unfortunately, finalized Diaper Dust when my son was transitioning out of stinky diapers.  It absolutely came in handy with pull-ups but this was when I decided I couldn’t just sit on this genius product, I had to let other families know about it.  While I was building the business and launching Diaper Dust, I started discovering other ways to use it. 

We would sprinkle it over left-overs we had to throw away and expired food if the bag was only half-full.  I started sprinkling it in the garbage disposal before vacations and into my sneakers before laundering to get that lingering odor out of the soles.  



everyone for every body soap

Everyone 3 in 1 Soap

I searched and searched for a product like this.  Our son would get red bumbs on the backs of his legs and they would itch like crazy.  He would have trouble sleeping at night, and so would we! We had already switched to a sensitive-skin detergent, and all unscented cleaning products.  Everyone 3 in 1 soap is clean, and made for sensitive skin.  The kicker for us was that it was affordable!  The bottles are HUGE and for only about ~$12. 

We have only used the Lavender scent but the reviews for the others seem comparable.  Its a very light scent that doesn't overpower but I can still tell that he has washed! (iykyk)

You can purchase on Amazon here!

Everyone Lavender + Aloe 3in1 Soap, 32 fl oz




 Boon Drying Lawn

Boon lawn drying rack, Twig drying stick,  Amazon, Target, Baby registry


We LOVED getting this drying rack.  It wasn’t on our registry but we sure are glad it was purchased for us.  There are so many PARTS that come with bottles:  the bottle, the nipples, the caps, the straws? (Dr. Brown’s IYKYK) This drying rack is designed with dozens of low-profile prongs that hold any size item upright.  The water drains into a water tray that is super easy to clean (just rinse!) You can also buy the “Twig” that holds smaller items up above the drying rack to maximize space. 

We loved this product so much, it hasn’t left our countertop.  We use it for travel mugs, tumblers, water bottles, and it is especially handy for all the straws (one prong will fit inside the straw to keep it upright) that inevitably come with them. 

We choose to use the Lawn over a towel drying mat simply because the drying mat needs laundered and dried and doesn’t hold items in the best position for drying. 


Purchase straight from Amazon here!




GoGoVie Premium baby carrier. Baby carrier with vest back. Easy to use baby carrier. Multiple position baby carrier. 7 carrying positions. Baby carrier with good back support. Stretch denim carrier. Machine washable baby carriers. Baby carriers made in USA. Woman owned baby carrier businesses. MWBE baby carrier. Black owned baby carrier business.

We discovered this brand at The Prego Expo in NY this year.  I was drawn to the ergonomically designed VestBack(TM) panel that evenly distributes weight and pressure.  It features 7 different carrying positions including cradle (Perfect for breastfeeding!) This mom-founded brand was one of my favorites!

Learn more about GoGoVie on their website, here!

GoGoVie denim baby carrier with 7 carrying positions

image source: gogovie.com





This portable baby warmer is one-of-a-kind.   It features versatile smart temperature control to warm milk or water for formula safely and evenly on-the-go. Prepare bottles for your little one at the touch of a button with real-time temperature display, large battery capacity and durable TritanTM construction. 
Check out the BuubiBottle here!
Purchase on Amazon here!


digital resources for parents


These mobile apps and platforms help parents on-the-go with help when you need it.  


 Buzzzz-o-Meter: Celebs Love the Peanut App

Peanut App

This app makes it easy to find local moms and set up playdates.  The upside is that it allows you to decide how much you want to interact with others. You can choose that you want to meet new people, ask other moms questions, or share advice from your personal experience. 

Download the app by scanning the QR code 

Peanut App QR code



 Medela Family – Baby Tracker

Screenshot image


This app is a mommy-brain saver!  

This app acts as a personal helper for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. It provides tracking tools for pregnancy, breastfeeding, breast pumping, diapers and more!

It was the Winner of the Best Baby App of 2022 (Baby Innovation Awards)
Winner of the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval.
Silver winner for Best Native Mobile App at the 2021 eHealthcare Leadership Awards.
Winner of the 2022 Social Media and Digital Awards in the Mobile app category


Simpli Fed

I loved finding SimpliFed at The Prego Expo in New York.  I was a mom that needed lactation support from the specialist at the hospital before being discharged.  They were extremely helpful but after about 6 weeks I needed more support.  I felt overwhelmed with subpar advice and having to peice it all together.  In their own words, 'SimpliFed is the go-to source for all things related to infant nutrition, including breastfeeding advice and guidance on breast pump usage, tips on expressing milk and establishing a good latch, tracking milk supply, advising on safe use + prep of formula, and more. We are experts who help you feel confident and empowered while feeding your baby."

Getting started could not be easier.  Visit their website here to start getting support!